Configuring Exchange Access on the iPhone

Configuring Exchange Access on the iPhone

Configuring Exchange on my iPhone was a little bit of trial and error. Here’s how I did it using my server info.


Go to your phone settings.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars."

Add Account…

Select "Add Account…"

Account Type

Select "Microsoft Exchange."

Exchange Settings

When the settings screen first appears, it will simply ask you for your email address, username, password, and description. Then it will take this information and try to auto-configure Exchange, but it will fail. At this point, the server setting will appear and you can enter your server. Since the iPhone’s Exchange connection uses the same protocol exposed by Outlook Web Access, that server must be entered here. The settings, then, are as follows:

Email: your full email address

Server: your Outlook Web Access server ( for my workplace)

Username: your full email address (for my workplace)

Password: your account password

Description: anything can go here; this will appear in Mail in your account list

Sync Options

Here you can choose which items will be "pushed" to your iPhone. In most instances, you will choose all of them, but the option to turn off any one of them is available.

Main ActiveSync Settings

Once configured, you can access the main account setting screen. You’ll want to decide how many days/weeks worth of emails to store on your iPhone. The more you store, the more disk it consumes.

Account Info Settings

Here is another screenshot of the Account Info settings, most of which we saw before. Take note of the "Use SSL" toggle.


6 Responses to “Configuring Exchange Access on the iPhone”

  1. Stephen Cowburn Says:


    This is a really good article. I am currently weighing up with to go for the iphone or the new HTC Hero. My key requirement is trying to manage contact and calendars off my work PC to my phone.

    I was just unsure whether you could do this becuase obviously I’m not allowed itunes at work. But setting up the mail account as you suggest above seems to make sense.

    We do use owa at work and that’s my normal woute of viewing work email away form the office PC. As far as I know our server is but I do then get a login screen etc.

    Would this work in your opinion, some blogs I’ve read suggest that you just get timed out.

    apologies for the rambling email but I’m not very compute savy and just want to have a phone that syncs in the right places and only once! Many thanks for you help

    Stephen Cowburn

    • Kevin Says:


      In theory, you should be able to do what you want with the iPhone without having to install iTunes on your work PC. The reason I say “In theory” is because it all depends on whether you can obtain the right connection settings for Exchange from your IT department and whether they allow iPhones to connect to Exchange. Knowing the OWA URL is a good start, but that may not get you what you need from a configuration standpoint. My advice to you would be to ask around to see if 1) anyone else from your company has their iPhone connected to your Exchange server via ActiveSync, and/or 2) anyone from IT can confirm whether it’s possible/allowed and if they’ll help you make it happen.

      Good Luck.


  2. Fabio Says:

    Hi Kevin.

    I dont use the e-mail address as login. My login is a number.

    Ex: 12212334

    How do i configure the iphone?


    • Kevin Says:


      Sorry for the late reply. I can’t say I know for sure how you should configure the phone, but I imagine that if your login is a number, then what would simply replace the email address as the login. Once configured, there is a dedicated place to put your email address versus your login id, so both can be leveraged properly.

      I hope that helps!

  3. Tyler Pruitt Says:


    I have been tasked with documenting for our University’s faculty and students how to do just what this post is about. Would you object to having this topic copied over to our site? I will, of course, change all pertinent data to the proper connection information, as well as host the images on our server (Bandwidth thieves should be executed!).

    Thank you!

    • Kevin Says:

      I don’t have any problem with that, but I’ll warn you that this post is a little old and I believe the screens are a bit different now in the newer iPhone OS version. It’s really not that hard to create your own set of instructions, complete with screenshots. Did you know you can take a screenshot on the iPhone? Simply hold down the power button on the top and quickly press the home button (before the power off slider pops up). Presto! You now have a picture sitting in your photos app (camera roll) that is a perfect screenshot of whatever was on your iPhone at the time. But, if you want to copy my post over to your site, that’s fine with me.

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